6-Week Home Exercise Program


Does Your Child NEED an Easy-to-Follow Quarantine Daily Routine?

Kid stuck at home picking up poor habits?
Frustrated they aren't more productive?
You need a coach at your house to:
-Teach them new skills,
-Make them happy and focused
-Motivate them to workout
You shouldn't have to be their PE teacher...



6-Week Program

Here's what your kid gets:

✅ Training designed for ages 5-15

✅ A 20 minute video workout each day

✅ Expert Instruction to learn correct form

✅ Strength Moves to build lean muscle

✅ Speed Training to move like an athlete

✅ Cardio Exercises to boost fitness

✅ New energy and goals


Super Simple.
Just Push Play

No equipment needed. Set aside a small space, the coaches will do all the work from there!

Super Fun.
Ignite Their Passion

The workouts engage kids at any fitness level, watch their abilities and motivation take off!

Super Organized.
Clear Daily Plan

Get strong, fast and fit with an easy-to-follow routine for building a healthy habit to last a lifetime.

Meet Your Instructors

Coach Neil Allman

In the last 20 years, Coach Neil has coached over 1,000 kids. If there is one thing he knows for certain, you don't have to be an elite athlete to receive elite training. As creator of MIGHTY KID, he teaches proper movement patterns, instructs exercises to develop explosive power, uses positivity to boost self-esteem, and transforms any kid into a strong, driven athlete.

-USA Weightlifting Level 1
-USA Track and Field
-CrossFit Level 3
-Kids Fitness Certification

Coach Denise Allman

As a mother, a former school teacher and a youth coach, Coach Denise understands every kid can accomplish BIG goals with the right plan. She designs programs to use super-developer movements delivered with high-quality instruction to build kids up step-by-step into focused athletes that strive for excellence.

-Masters in Curriculum and Instruction
-Kids Fitness Certification


The Best Coaching At The Right Time Can Change Your Whole Life!

MIGHTY KID is an online home exercise program for kids age 5-15. Your child gets 20 minute instructional videos 6 days each week led by their own experienced personal trainer.

Our expert coaches guide them through a 6-week, science-based strength and conditioning curriculum using our proven Mighty Method to get incredible results. 

Your child will learn proper movement patterns and athletic skills to build strength, explosive speed and stamina. Children gain a lifetime advantage when they learn positive habits and develop healthy bodies while they are young. We use super-developer movements and potent workouts to produce athletic, happy kids!

We use clear and concise instruction, positivity and motivation, and spiraling content that is specific to developing youth athleticism. Kids get hooked on exercise and excited to workout and improve daily.

With our progressive program, your child will be inspired to set new goals as they get stronger, faster and fitter with each workout. Watch them undergo a physical and mental transformation in the safety of your home, and start the journey of creating healthy habits for the rest of their life!


Vanessa C.

"I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my kids stuck inside all day... I'm not a PE teacher!! One of my kids is super athletic, but the other two are not into sports at all. As soon as I started the first lesson, they were hooked. I was surprised that my youngest LOVES IT THE MOST, he's so much more confident and happy! He looks forward to his workouts every afternoon."

Melinda B.

"My kids LOVE the program! Everyday they wake up to do it before we start school. Since they have been doing the workouts, they tell me how strong they are getting and show me some of the moves they've learned! I think they are going to be in better shape than me by the end of the 6 weeks."

Cher R.

"I bought MIGHTY KID for my grandchildren. They were used to playing sports all spring and summer and I didn't want to see them losing all of their athleticism. Now they show me their muscles when we FaceTime. Those kids are going to be so ready for sports to start again thanks to your program."

Criticial Skills Your Child Will Learn In This Course:


💥The most important movement to develop leg strength and power used by professional athletes in every sport. Week 1, Day 1

💥The top full-body cardio movement for increasing endurance and stamina. Week 1, Day 5

💥The #1 track drill used by world-class sprinters to master running form. Week 2, Day 3

💥Learn how to properly use pressing exercises to develop shoulder resilience and upper body strength. Week 3, Day 4

💥The best interval timing with proper balance of maximum effort and ample recovery. Week 3, Day 6

💥The major core exercise used by gymnasts for midline stability. Week 4, Day 5

💥Learn the most effective method basketball players use to develop sky-high vertical jumps. Week 4, Day 6

💥Practice the moves football players train in off-season to create explosive speed and agility. Week 5, Day 3

💥How to use msimple kickboxing movements as cardio for unstoppable stamina. Week 6, Day 2

💥Advanced combo-movements to demonstrate super-charged agility and coordination improvements. Week 6, Day 5 

💥Master the athletic skills and mental attitude required of professional sports players!



Quick enrollment, instant access, simple enough any kid can do without your assistance!


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